SAY NO TO PLASTIC : Little actions leads to bigger changes!

An article specially depicting my changed day-to-day practices which can help our mother earth to re-habilitate. A small step towards nature can lead to a big change. And that step is “say no to plastic”.

Do you know? About 13-15% of plastic waste is sent to India by US and European countries for recycling out of which only a handful quantity is recycled and rest is dumped in landfills. This is because our country is not able to recycle the plastic waste generated in their own territory, so its nearly impossible to do so for other countries. In such a scenario, it is our duty to put an end to single-use plastic/products which is harmful to our ecosystem.

Listing below some sustainable changes which are not so difficult to take over :

#1. Say no to plastic toothbrushes and YES to bamboo toothbrushes:

 Plastic toothbrushes end up getting washed away into the ocean effectively endangering marine life. Please stop using the old ones, be part of the change and start using bamboo toothbrushes. 

Why BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSHES? Every plastic toothbrush you have ever used is still on this planet and will take 1000 years to degrade. So, reducing plastic contamination is necessary. Also, bamboo toothbrushes are fully bio-degradable and the bamboo plants grows really fast, so we cannot run out of them anytime soon. 


say no to plastic
bamboo toothbrush

#2. Use paper wraps or beeswax wraps instead of plastic wraps:

Plastic wraps what we generally call it as klin-fin wrap may save your food for a longer period, but it is very harmful for the planet. It contributes to the biggest crisis as it is difficult to recycle and is made up of harmful chemicals. 

An alternative to this problem is :- Use paper wraps or beeswax wraps. They are 100% bio-degradable as they are organic. 


  • It keeps your food fresh for a longer period.
  • Great replacement to single-use plastic.
  • Can be re-used multiple times, thus leading to a sustainable change in nature.
  • They are economical, as it can be washed and for an year.


beeswax wrap

#3. Stop using polythene bags and carry your own Cloth/jute bags:

Plastic bags causes harm to the environment right from its manufacturing process and continues to exert its toxic effect even after it is thrown away. It takes centuries to degrade.

People’s casual attitude of throwing it away makes it go into animal’s stomach, block drains, gets stuck in ocean beds etc. So, the best alternative is to carry your own cloth bags to every place you visit, it maybe a grocery store or even a shopping complex. This will surely make a big difference.

Even if a shopkeeper offers you a biodegradable polythene bag, say a big “no” because it is not necessary that they will completely degrade. You can get your cloth bags stitched from scraps/pieces of bedsheets, any other cloth material available in your house. So, its economical as well.


say no to plastic
cloth bags

#4. Carry your own Eco-friendly cutlery, and stop using plastic cutlery:

There is a lot of plastic cutlery which is being dumped into oceans harming the aquatic life. It is so haunting to see sea animals suffering because of ‘deadly cutlery’. A plastic straw which not even costs us a penny can take life of a turtle or a fish. So, we should become logical, sensible and wise enough to protect our nature and do a bit towards it.

As we tend to grow technologically, we should also become more environment cautious and carry our own pouch consisting of a spoon, folk, a stainless straw and infact even a small mug. Whenever we go for shopping we often land at our favourite chaat stops, so instead of using the single-use plastic spoons or even the plastic cups, we should take a step forward and use our own stuff.


eco-friendly cutlery
say no to plastic

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