10 Cool Plants to Gift Your Loved Ones!

Why Plants make the Best Gift?
Which plants to gift has always been a confusing and tricky question. A gift should be meaningful, expressing the feelings which one wants to convey. It should also be useful to the person you are gifting to. Gifting a plant not only helps to express various emotions but also serves great benefits.
They serve as a reminder of  nature’s beauty that we crave outside our homes and offices. Listed below are some plants to gift. 


Orchids say a lot with their simple elegance. Their bloom will stay on the stalk for weeks, and the plant will continue growing indoors long after the bloom fades.

Why Orchids?

 If your friend really has the touch, then they can look forward to more orchids on the same stem that the original bloom was on. 

plants to gift

2.Ivy Pothos/ Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos or Ivy Pothos is the best indoor plant one can ever have.

Why Golden Pothos?

If your friend is a plant lover, then chances are you are already familiar with what their preferred plants or flowers may be. But if your friend works in an office and has never shown signs of having a green thumb, then maybe something like a pothos ivy is a smart idea.

They are low maintenance, can handle low lighting, and liven up the decor of an office space.

plants to gift

3.Aloe Plant

You can surprise your loved one with this small, prickly and easy- to- care plant. 

Why Aloe?

It looks like a basic plant but it sprouts red-coral flowers in spring and summers. Thus, it is a two in one plant.

Best one to give plant Lovers!

1o cool plants to gift to loved ones

4.Hoya Heart Plant

Hoya Plant is a symbol of Love, making it an adorable way to tell someone how much you care about them.

Why Hoya?

These can servive bright direct sunlight. Also, they are excellent removers of pollutants in the indoor environement.

heart plant

5.Succulent Plants

This is a five-pack plant available in all shapes and colors which can be arranged in any number of creative ways.

Why Succulents?

These plants humidify the air, thus improving the air quality of your home even more! Also, it has a lot of medical properties like curing cuts, burns, stomachaches and more.

beautiful plants

6.Oyster Plant

This plant is named after the popular, aphrodisiac, making it a prime Valentine’s Day gift. It has beautiful shades of purple and dark green on either side of the leaves.

Why Oyster?

It helps to give a colorful addition to a room. Plus, its easy to care property makes it a best-seller in plants.


7.Lucky Bamboo Plant

As the name implies, this plant associates with promoting prosperity, happiness and good fortune (especially, when it is gifted).

Why Bamboos?

This plant grows well in direct sunlight. The maintenance of this plant is low and it attracts positive energy.

best air purifier plant


Ferns, like asparagus, bring an amazing splash of green into any space. Also, if you are looking for an animal-friendly plant, here it is.

Why Ferns?

Its rippled- leaves are non-toxic. It can grow to be quite large if kept under required conditions, so its a plant which stays with your loved one forever.

plants to gift


Because of its Fragrance, lavender is a fantastic option for those who could use calming vibes as this plant enhances sleep and relaxation. 

Why Lavenders?

It provides good germ-fighting properties and helps in healing wounds. This plant reduces stress. Since, this plant requires lots of sunlight, it can be placed near windows and on office desks.


10.Jade Plant

Jade Plants do not flower, but they have a bonsai-like-tree effect which is quite obsessing and pleasing. Their thick leaves store a plenty of water.

Why Jade?

These grow very quickly if they are placed at the right spot. Also, it is symbolic to prosperity and wealth. Its meant to be a traditional gift for business owner’s place.

plants to gift

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