Why this website is named "thenatureyou" ?

The main idea behind the name of the website is how  ” YOU” can reconnect with the the beauty and vitality of the natural world. 

Thus, its “NATURE+YOU”  which signifies the worth of mother earth. 


About us

Before we introduce ourselves, we must know that earth’s surface is covered with 71% of water and the remaining consists of green land which is not so green! 


earth cartoon

Have you ever noticed the sky, the trees, the ocean? If not, then spare a minute and look at the dwindling and dilapidated condition of our planet. The greenery have been replaced by skyscrapers, fishes in the ocean have been replaced by plastic and the clouds n the sky have been replaced by bubbles of harmful gases. We have been so busy in our lives that we fail to observe the smog-filled skies, dying trees and animals who cry for help. 

Thenatureyou brings out different ideas which will help to preserve our nature.

It is our duty to start restoring the lost green on the planet. It is a shame to admit that it is we, human beings who have caused so much damage to our mother earth. 

Some simple everyday chores can make a budding difference and can get this planet up and running. So, here we are with “thenatureyou” to helpyou with the same.

There cannot be question regarding what earth gives us ? Without a doubt everything which we use today is a product of mother earth.

From food to water, from medicines to shelter, from climatic conditions to natural cycles; all are gift from earth to us. Yet we have conviniently disconnected ourselves from the natural world. 

The rise of the superficial world have distanced us from nature. Inspite of knowing the ill effects, what we do is cut trees for ” belly-widening” projects, dispose off plastic waste in water bodies, inhumanly tortured animals. 

So “thenatureyou” will provide you with different ways to contribute to nature and remedies which can help our earth re-habilitate and flourish all again. One good deed can save our mother earth as well as ouselves from the retaliation of nature. 

We are here! to provide you with articles pertaining to best air enhancers, seasonal plants; also some articles on some exciting places for nature lover.